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Eron (Italian)

Mural Painting in Hestemøllestræde

The Italian artist Eron is a legend when it comes to street art. Through his work he investigates how we perceive images. The bottom line is pareidolia - aphenomenon that most of us will be familiar with: the ability to see figures in a picture when they are not actually there. Eron depicts the ghost story in Elsinore, in which Hamlet features. He composes his work in layers, making use of colours to evoke the viewer’s interest in decoding patterns as facial features. On our way through Elsinore, we sense the outline of the ghost. Eron makes the story of Hamlet seem very present. With a skull in one hand and a can of coke in the other one, the painting becomes an investigation into ‘late capitalist society’. The artist also found inspiration for his version of Hamlet in the 1948 film in which the young and handsome Laurence Olivier plays the role of Hamlet.

Eron immagine press.jpg
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