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Elisabetta Saiu born 1959, Sardinia, Italy
Multimedia artist and art coordinator of public space

• Studies in classical and modern art, Cagliari – Italy
London´s underground art scene – worked with performance and action painting
Continued studies of scenography and video art, and entered the multi-media world
and became a video artist and performer
• In the late 1980s, she co-founded the artist collective S.U.I.F. and began
collaborating with site-specific Italian artists, theatres and dance companies
• Travelled around the world producing video-action performances with the
Japanese network Aizu Art Collage and the French Mediterranean Dance Bureau
• In the 90s, she collaborated with prominent Arab and Turkish artists with video art
in public places
• She has over the years created workshops for primary and secondary schools in
collaboration with theatre instructors and companies, focusing on the use of
multimedia art in schools
• Won the Italian awards from AGIS scuola and premio Corallino
• In 2000, she continued her career with dance theatre scenography, and
installations in public places
• She was part of the ‘Reclaim your Street’ movement in collaboration with many of
today´s renowned street artists.
• Worked as a curator in connection with contemporary art exhibitions in historical
settings such as churches and historical ruins.
• Worked as artistic director of decorations at events in closed mines and factories

• In 2011, she and her Danish husband moved to Elsinore, where she has
continued her artistic work
• She has organised 7 international new circus performances in the Great Hall of
the Elværk Music Hall
• In 2012, she received the award from Elsinore Municipality as ‘Artist of the Year’
• founded the organisation Kunst&Byrum which has created 7 murals in the historic
centre of Elsinore.
• Co-founded two TV channels  (broadcasts on the capital’s TV
where she regularly makes programs
• In 2016 she formed the Noise group NoizeLiz – which she has played with in
Istanbul, London, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Cagliari and other places

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