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Hands of Elsinore (Danish)

Sculpture in the alleyway by Sct. Olai Kirke (Church)

Next to the church where once lay a churchyard you find yourself looking at a site-specific piece of work that suggests King Hamlet’s grave. In the eyes of the artist, the death of the king is the very raison d´etre for the story of Hamlet, and forces the prince into the actions on which the story is based.
There is a subtle element of equality in death, which the artist deals with. The title of the work ”Memento mori” reproduces a term that was used, in Shakespeare’s time, as a way to remind people of their mortality. No one escapes death and, in the tragedy of Hamlet, it does not matter whether you are a beggar or a king. “Memento Mori” may be an old phrase and idea but, according to the artist, it is still present and relevant to our time.
Hamlet can be seen to reflect Shakespeare’s critical view of the time he lived in.
The artwork Memento Mori can also be seen to connect with the theme of
immigration that the artist works with. Hands stretch out to the passer-by for help.

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